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John Lino Ponzini: The Real Story: A lawyer tells the truth about some of his "successful cases."

The following selections are actual annotations from among thousands of cases I have handled. "The Real Story" portions represents my opinion and is a satirical look at Lawyer "Success"" stories in marketing materials. As with any satire, there are elements of truth in some or all of the "The Real Story."

  • Suit against Kuwait Air and Air India in Southern District of New York:  Settled. The real story:  The Defendants didn't want to pay legal fees for a matter that they could settle for half of what they would have paid their attorneys.
  • Obtained New York City Unemployment for actor unemployed after show closed. Actor went on to star in several Broadway Shows and was a regular for 18 years on a Soap Opera. The real story: The Administrative Law Judge thought my client and I were funny and in fact he took over the direct examination of my client. It was the Judge who won the case.
  • Was lauded by Federal Magistrate in a written Detention Hearing Decision in a major money laundering case in Connecticut Federal Court. Result: Client detained without bail. The real story: Her Honor took pity on me because from her experience she knew that the client would probably be retaining some high powered lawyer. Consequently, she wanted to give me a vote of confidence.  The client did retain a high octane attorney who in turn hired a well known Connecticut Attorney. It worked! The Client kept me on the case. The Client pled out, got time served and was deported to South America.
  • Very favorable decision in major embezzlement case after a full hearing with psychiatric experts. Federal Court Southern District. The real story: The Assistant U.S. Attorney was so obnoxious that he managed to alienate the Judge, a former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District. Plus, his Honor was married to a mental health professional and was receptive to considering the psych issues. An excellent Judge who defied being stereotyped as a conservative Law and Order type.
  • Dismissal of charges and no jail time plea agreement for client charged with Sexual Assault and Kidnapping. The real story: A crafty Bridgeport Connecticut criminal defense lawyer represented the codefendant. He asked the victim at a Motion to DIsmiss Hearing what the first thing she said to the police was when she flagged down a patrol car after the alleged kidnapping and rape. "I've been robbed" was the answer.
  • Favorable Judgment after full trial in divorce case involving over Fifteen million in assets. The real story: The Husband did everything a party in a divorce case shouldn't do.
  • Custody and child support awarded to client (father) after full trial in Regional Custody Court. The real story: The wife did everything a party in a custody case shouldn't do.


  • No jail time for client (a Federal Employee) after Sentencing Guideline Hearing on charges including conspiracy involving distributing and creating bogus social security cards.
  • Charges eventually dismissed against prominent doctor charged with hitting child care worker with his automobile and dragging the worker along street.
  • Charges dismissed after State presented its case against a 14 year old boy charged with sexual assault.
  • $200,000.00 bail reduced to a promise to appear after hearing.
  • No jail time for woman facing 20 years on drug charges.
  • 1.5 million dollar settlement for man seriously injured in truck accident in North Carolina even though he was riding in the trailer sitting on a folding canvas chair.
  • Jury verdict of acquittal on Assault in 1st Degree charges for stabbing (convicted on lesser charge of Assault 3)
  • Jury verdict and judgment for more than 7 times Defendant's offer in personal injury case.
  • Favorable Appellate Court decision establishing the rule that pre judgment interest is not available on punitive damages.
  • Dismissal of New York Child Custody case on Jurisdictional grounds.
  • In losing appeal before the Connecticut Supreme Court, case established the Connecticut rule regarding attorney's retaining lien.
  • Article written on Child Custody Jurisdiction and International Shoe minimum contacts cited by Supreme Court of Navajo Nation.


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